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A team of professional, motivated and highly experienced developers from Nepal. From planning to deployment, we'll help you build software that drives results.

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GreenCodes: The DevOps partner that empowers your business growth.

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Value we bring to your project

We engineer high-quality software according to the client, staff, and regulatory requirements, continously improving our development performance and increasing operational efficency.
Greencodes delivers secure system that comply with business, legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements, constantly enhancing our information security processes.
Domain Experience

Creating solutions for business es in the supply chain management and communication.

Technical Excellence

To foresee and eliminate possible issues and ensure top product quality.

Regulatory Compliance

To correspond to the highest standards of data security in your industry.

Constraint Management Framework

To elaborate on the custom solutions specifically for your time and budget.

Process Visibility

Backed up by a constant feedback loop, clear communication plans, and regular reports.

Non-Functional Requirements Compliance

For your software performance, reliability, security, and maintainability.

Expertise and Competencies

DevOps Services
Managed Delivery
Enterprise Software Development
Cloud Services Management
Dedicated Team

Technology Expertise

We are the DevOps Partner that gets to realize clients’ business ideas and deliver cutting-edge solutions for various industries. And it’s good to be experts in different Technologies.

ReactJS, AngularJS


Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, Cloudways


PHP, NodeJS, Python, Firebase


MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, Elasticsearch

Mobile development

React Native


Gitlab CI, Jenkins CI, Github Action

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